The Colombian Peace Process – Rising Opportunities

1 May 2015

Juan Manuel Santos, the Colombian President, ran for his second term in office on a strong reconciliation platform, investing all his political capital in a peace process with the guerillas. In our production “The Colombian Peace Process – Rising Opportunities” we highlight the tremendous potential that will arise from providing access to opportunities to the entire Colombian population and the important role that foreign investors can play, not just economically, but in terms of social responsibility as well.

Leading figures share with us their commitment to making the peace process a reality and talk about the evolution of the Colombian society and its rules and regulations that favor sound investment practices. President Juan Manuel Santos, the Minister of Agriculture, Aurelio Iragorri, the Ministers of Mines and Energy, Tomas Gonzales and Luis Ernesto Mejia, the President of Odebrecht Colombia, Eleuberto Martorelli, and Maria Claudia Lacouture, the President of ProColombia, the promotional arm of the government, are just a few of the personalities that have contributed to our production. They emphasize the magnitude of the task ahead and the importance of doing business in a secure environment for sectors such as agriculture, oil and gas, and tourism.

At the end, we added a teaser aimed at incentivizing both business and leisure travelers to visit this magical country by highlighting the exotic, picturesque Colombian coast and the exquisite elegance of Bogota’s famous lifestyle.


Here you can find the full 30-minute exclusive interview with President Santos.