We are hiring - Business Analyst wanted!

15 December 2017


Business Analyst

The New York-based Business Intelligence Unit is launching the first digital database of thoroughly assessed and vetted investment opportunities globally, from mega-infrastructure projects to mergers and acquisitions of mid to large-size companies, catering to financial institutions worldwide.

As a Business Analyst, you will take part in structuring the methodology and drafting and implementing the first models. You will travel to emerging markets and conduct interviews with local decision-makers in government and business. You will work closely with the client relation team to properly design the best, most seamless and informative user experience in the way the information is presented on the platform.

• Conducting market research and analyzing general economic, business and financial conditions and their impact on the organization’s growth strategies and operations.
• Performing and preparing valuation and financial analyses of investment projects.
• Developing strategies to capitalize on various investment opportunities.
• Researching, compiling and conducting thorough interviews.
• Drafting editorial strategies.
• Assisting in due diligence by coordinating the information flow, reviewing and analyzing company information.
• Working independently to produce high-quality deliverables such as deal summaries, company overviews, Board materials, and other presentation materials.
• Managing the relationships with all the stakeholders.
• Interacting with heads of states and governments and global executives.
• Constantly supporting the client-relation team with exhaustive, up to date research and databases.

Candidate profile:
• Experience in financial and business analysis and modelling, either as a Credit or Risk Officer working with Corporate Loans and Syndications, or as a Mergers and Acquisitions specialist.
• Experience in the North African, Middle Eastern, or South East Asian markets.
• Mastering the English language at a native, educated level is a must. Fluency in Arabic is preferred but not mandatory.
• Availability to travel extensively and live in emerging markets for up to one year.
• Ability to communicate well with stakeholders at all levels.
• Ability to set priorities and simultaneously handle multiple assignments.
• Demonstrated ability to learn quickly, meet deadlines and work independently without constant supervision.
• Extreme attention to detail.
• Ability to navigate and embrace cultural differences sincerely and with an open mind.
• Proven track record in successfully working within multicultural teams.
• A strong sense of responsibility, dedication, loyalty, and reliability.

Get in touch:
Send us an email at info@businessintelunit.com and tell us what drives you to apply for this position. Letters of recommendations will be requested and so will a vetted professional/educational track record.

Application closes on: December 30th 2017